Patch (a1.09) - The Tier 2 Update is Out!

Hello residents of Survival City! This week's update is an especially exciting one as the next chapter of Survival City is released. Four new locations have been added to the game: The Bank, Grocery, Clinic and Depot for you to explore. These new locations will stretch out beyond the previous tier of locations and will feature new zombies, new items and new events! To allow further testing of this extra content, I've also increased the length of the demo from 30 days up to 45 days!

There are also quite a few balance changes to the game in this patch as well. Libraries now have a slightly better chance of giving weapons. Using bandages and other medical items efficiency is now based off the highest First Aid stat in the group (an overall buff). Survivors with the Hermit trait now get the same penalties for traveling 3 blocks away as they do for 2 block searches. Negative traits are less punishing with their dialogue events. There are also numerous bug fixes in this update too! All of these changes have been outlined in the patch notes file included.

I'm also going to try to release new versions for Mac and Linux. I don't have a way to test out these new formats so if you play them on non-Windows systems, please let me know if they work! The next updates will see new events added to the Tier 2 locations and possibly updated artwork for the boss zombies (they currently use placeholders). So check out alpha version 1.09 and tell me what you think!


Developer's Log #6: A Look Ahead to Tier 2


Hello everyone and welcome to another developer's log! This time we'll be going over in the inclusion of Tier 2 locations to Survival City. Right now my focus is to get an early access full version of the game up and running. This means that each tier of locations will be added one-by-one to the full version of the game for testing purposes. This early access version of the game will be available on as well as Steam once it is completed. For now, let me share some of the features that will be added to Tier 2!

Since most of the code for the tiers beyond the first are already completed, I've been working on designing the zombies that will populate this new tier. I've been looking at horror comics and manga looking for inspiration on the aesthetic I'm looking for. In addition to some early concept art I had for the game, I've been designing zombies that I hope are unique and interesting. 

 So hungry...

So hungry...

Each zombie is sketched digitally while a semi-final design is settled on. Once I'm satisfied with the general look, they are then inked, colored and shaded on 4 separate layers. This is because the zombies in-game can have their head and arms removed by dismemberment (I have to keep this in mind when designing how their body is positioned). Once the final colorized version is complete, they are then ready for animation. I place invisible joints to give their form structure and then carefully design an animation loop for when they are approaching the survivor. Having to do both the coding and the animation for the game is tough, but rewarding when I see the zombies come to life!

 "Making my way downtown..."

"Making my way downtown..."

The locations that these Tier 2 zombies will terrorize will be the Bank, Grocery, Clinic and Depot. These new locations will offer better search loot than those in the first tier as the table below will indicate. Banks are one of the best places to find stronger weapons (or even an elusive pistol!). Groceries will obviously be your source of food and water. The Clinic will have mostly Health recovery items, but also features the first chance to find Antibiotics to cure those pesky illnesses! Lastly, Depots will be a prime way to build up those Wood and Metal stores.

 Coming soon to a neighborhood near you.

Coming soon to a neighborhood near you.

Once these latest batch of zombies are fully animated, I'll do some internal testing before uploading the first early access version to Survival City is about to get a little bigger, but in the meantime, check out the demo and share your thoughts below!


FRIDAY UPDATE (A1.08) - Stats, Stats and More Stats!

It's been a while since the last Friday Build of Survival City, but this week it returns with a major overhaul! In addition to some minor changes throughout the game, this update brings with it a complete rework of survivor stats.

Since the earliest versions of SC, there have always been 6 main stats: Health, Sanity, Melee, Firearms, Search and Capacity. These six stats governed many of the mechanics and how survivors interacted with them. For example, increasing the Melee stat would affect Melee Accuracy, Melee Critical Chance and even influenced certain location based events which relied on that stat.

Under the new system, there are now 24 different stats divided between 6 main categories: Strength, Survival, Perception, Knowledge, Finesse and Technical! Such skills such as Melee Accuracy still exist, but they are now an individual stat found under the Finesse category. Essentially all previously grouped skills can now be individually upgraded. This includes the opportunity to upgrade stats which were previously hidden such as Run Speed, Condition Guard and Research Rate. The rework also adds stats for increasing the effectiveness of using medical items, crafting better weapons and even base defense repairs.

I'm excited to see how this separation of stats allows for even more unique survivor customization. In addition to these changes, a new mechanic has also been added called "Sneak." When searching locations, if the survivor accidentally discovers a zombie, they will now have a chance to sneak away without being seen. This chance is a flat percentage based on their "Sneaking" stat.

So give this new version of Survival City a playthrough and see what you think of the new stat system!

Download a1.08 (Dropbox)