Patch 1.12 - Weapons Update

It’s been a while since the last update to Survival City, but a lot has been added on since then!

The most major you’ll see in this patch is the addition of a new stat on all weapons: “Attack Speed.” Now all weapons will have an attack cooldown before another attack can be made. Small weapons like knives and automatic firearms will have shorter cooldowns. Slow weapons like the sledgehammer or magnums will pack a bigger punch, but get less attacks per minute. This change should improve weapon diversity and create interesting tactics when the combat timer is about to end! I’ve also added and rebalanced each weapon in these past few weeks so they’re all ready to go!

Another smaller change in this patch focuses on the different types of attacks. In addition to updating the attack buttons with labels, their various effects are listed in the patch notes below. The bonuses for using these special attacks is more properly balanced after the massive stat overhaul recently.


The last update to mention is the arrival of Sniffles, the second boss! This cute little fellow can now be found at the Bank, Clinic, Grocery and Depot. Just as Gains Goblin before him, this boss is also an atypical zombie. The virus has not affected his brain, but mutated his form into something… different. Don’t be fooled by his shuffling gait, though, he hungers for survivors just the same!

The process of designing, coloring and animating each of these zombies is probably the most time consuming part of development. Since I’m not a professional artist, I can only try my best to bring these visions to life. In the weeks since the last update, I’ve not only finished Sniffles sprite, but also completed all the Tier 3 zombies too. Expect them coming soon!

So check out this latest update and share your comments!


Patch 1.11 - Conditions and New Boss Art

Here we are for another round of updates to Survival City. So without further ado!

The biggest change to gameplay is the addition of several more conditions. Currently, there were only 3 conditions: Exhausted, Infection (now called "Illness") and Bitten. I wanted to add some negative effects that could be mitigated similar to how Antibiotics remove Illnesses. This would also add more value to the stat Condition Guard as now it would prevent against multiple status conditions. These first three can all be shortened by using Bandages, First Aid and Medical Kits.

  • Wounded Arm - Gives -15 Melee and Firearms Accuracy in combat
  • Wounded Leg - Gives -25 Run Speed in combat
  • Wounded Eye - Gives -15 Searching and -3 Looting when leading searches

These three conditions I felt added nicely to the theme of survival for the game. Survivors no longer just lose Health, but can also receive lingering wounds that impact their ability to perform. These conditions now randomly affect survivors who leave the safehouse in the same way that Illnesses did. Illnesses as well have been slightly nerfed in that they no longer take 1 Health at the end of the day. The punishment for being unable to remove Illness status was already too much and was essentially a death sentence at the early stages of the game when Antibiotics are less prevalent.

There are also 2 more conditions which have been added to the code but currently are unobtainable. I'm still trying to figure out how these are triggered and exactly what they do.

  • Unconscious - Survivor is unable to leave the safehouse; not reduced by medical items
  • Energized - Gives +10 Searching, +2 Looting and +2 Critical Chance on missions

In addition to these changes to conditions, I'm also happy to finally update the artwork for the first tier boss, Gains Goblin! When designing the bosses for Survival City, I wanted them to not look like normal zombies. I thought that they should reflect rare mutations of the zombie virus and look distorted in some way. Gains Goblin appears to be a former weight lifter, but the loss of his legs have caused his arms to become longer than normal and his face has a simian quality to it, as well. As the game progresses, I would like the bosses to really explore elements of body horror to indicate that these creatures are truly deadly.


So download this latest build of Survival City and let me know what you think! Do you like the new conditions? Does the first boss' look appeal to you? What other changes would you like to see added to the game?

Patch 1.10 - Trading and New Events

This week's patch for Survival City a bit smaller than the previous one. Here are the changes for Patch a1.10.

A new location event has been added for each of the Tier 2 locations (Bank, Grocery, Clinic, Depot). The rewards for successfully completing these events is actual increase in stat points! I'm testing to see how to balance these rewards since their effects will last as long as the survivor remains alive. Naturally I'd want the failure punishment to be equal in value.

Trade events are now accessible from Tier 2 location safehouses as well. In this update, trading has also been partly revamped. Previously when getting an average or good deal, the items received were increased by 2x and 3x, respectively. Now the type of deal affects the cost of items required. In the case of good deals, that cost is reduced by 50% while bad deals cost 50% more items. Here are some examples of trades (Food, Water and Wood Scrap are all equal in value)...

  • Bad Trade - Give 3 Wood Scrap and receive 3 Food
  • Equal Trade - Give 2 Food and receive 2 Water
  • Good Trade - Give 1 Water and receive 2 Wood Scrap

The last change for this update is to the size of the dialogue box. I've always felt it was a little large and decreased it by a 1/3 size. Let me know if it looks good at it's current size or if it needs to go back to the old one! That's it for now and expect to see more changes and additions on the horizon!