FRIDAY UPDATE (A1.07) - Music Time!

This week's Friday Build introduces a cool new feature that's been sorely missed- a working soundtrack! The music is provided by Kevin MacLeod and will hopefully bring a touch for atmospherics to Survival City. Along with the new music comes the start of the Options page. There you will find volume sliders for both music and sound effects. A "Talkativeness" slider is also there which adjusts how often the survivors will randomly use dialogue.

The last big change comes to locations events. Previously each event had a stat tied to it which would allow a 100% chance of success for the event. For example, the "box of food" event at the Fast Food Spot would present a 3rd option if the survivor's Search stat was 3 or above. If the survivor had 2 Search, however, there was no benefit. Now success works on a curve where even if they don't reach the 100% threshold, having that higher stat will improve their chances! In addition, all success probabilities are now displayed as well!

One of the next steps I'm looking towards is setting up a page for Survival City on From there, I'll be working on having an early access version of the game which will eventually be the full version. A demo will still be posted, as well, for those of you who still haven't tried out the game. For now, this week's demo is available below so check it out!

Download a1.07 (Dropbox)

FRIDAY UPDATE (A1.06) - Weapon Qualities

This week's Friday Build brings another big change to one of the aspects of Survivor City. In previous versions, there were 4 unique variations of each weapon based on the 4 quality levels: Bad, Normal, Rare and Superb. I wanted to increase the variety of weapons even within the same type to add more depth to the weapon system.

The 4 quality levels are still there, but now each weapon will have a modifier attached to it. There are 10 different versions of Bad weapons, 11 of Normal, 10 of Rare and 4 Superb. They still follow the efficiency rules based around Normal weapons being considered baseline (or 100%), but their stats are changed based on their specific modifier.

For example, a weapon that is "Damaged" will now have its' maximum damage decreased, as well as it's max durability. A weapon that is "Heavy" will have reduced accuracy and increased weight. Each modifier will affect a different pair of stats that will make them 50% as effective as Normal weapons.

Weapons of Normal quality will have one stat increased and one decreased. An example would be "Untouched" weapons which will have increased durability, but decreased accuracy. Rare weapons will have 2 stats increased from baseline (or 1 greatly increased). Superb weapons are uniquely named and can have up to three stats increased. In addition to these changes, the background color of items have also been updated to reflect their quality.

It will be interesting to see how these changes affect balance, but I'm excited to see how such variation affects replayability!

There were also some other minor changes such as the reduction in Flashlight weight (from 1.0 to 0.5). Infection status effect has also been altered to allow survivors to search while sick. Be wary though of leaving a sick survivor with 1 Health after searching! Check out the new updates and tell us what you think!

Download a1.06 (Dropbox)

Friday Update (a1.05) - Trader Events

This is another light update that mostly adds 1 new thing: a new safehouse event about a trader. The trader is wandering survivor who will offer an exchange of items similar to the current events that offer supplies for stat upgrades. This new trader will only offer items for items, however, but those include a chance at rare or even superb weapons! Be wary, the trader likes to make a profit so expect to pay some markup if you desperately need something!

Next week I'm hoping to introduce a new distribution of items. Currently there are only 4 unique versions of each weapon (one for each rarity). I'll be testing out a new system where weapons will have a prefix which will modify their stats, thereby increasing the total number by about 8! That's for next week, though. In the mean time, here is alpha version 1.05!

Download a1.05 (Dropbox)