Developer's Log #2: Weather Forecast

Hello again, dear survivors. One of the features that Survival City had in a rudimentary form was weather. It was pretty limited in that a majority of the time, weather had no effect on gameplay. Very rarely, a random event would trigger indicating that a patch of bad weather was moving through and for how many days. This meant that for several in-game days, all searching and fighting was about 25% tougher.

Yesterday, I decided to improve on this system by having multiple weather states with different effects. On the new weather indicator, there will still be clear days with no change to gameplay. However, there will now be cloudy days which indicate rain or even snow might be on the way. Rainy and snowy days will still last for several days, but their appearances will be much less random. If survivors are currently experiencing a blizzard, is it better to wait until it passes or venture out and take the risk? This new weather system I hope will add another dimension to the game and how players make their decisions.