Preparing for Kickstarter - Patch a1.02

The Survival City Kickstarter campaign is just around the corner as this project takes its' next step towards completion! This latest patch of Survival City will most likely be the final version before the launch date. Here are some of the changes this time around.

The first balance change comes in the form of a reduction in Weight for the Flashlight. It was reduced from 2 to 1 in an effort to make them more accessible during the early stages of the game. When starting Max Capacity was changed from 5 to 3 right before the release of a1.00, the cost of bringing Flashlights was not balanced to match this. Overall, having a Flashlight take up 2/3 of a survivor's Capacity was too punishing at that Weight.

Another visual change was how survivors who have searched a location (Exhausted) were depicted. Previously this was only indicated by a small icon near their portrait. Now when selecting survivors to go out on a search, those that are exhausted will be grayed out.

There were also some other minor changes such as adding more popup tooltips, fixing a bug related to additional traits and clickthrough properties during tutorial screens.

The next step will be the launch of the Kickstarter so now is the chance to show support for Survival City. Even if you can't donate, please let others know about this game. Any support will help! The next update will be the Kickstarter announcement!