Friday Update - a1.03

This update will be the first of what will be the start of weekly builds for Survival City. A new development patch should be released around this time each week. So check it out and give your feedback.

This patch includes some more tooltips to explain some extra features such as safehouse resources and exhausted status. A few extra events also will occur that will affect the four main items (food, water, wood and metal). 8 preset color options have been added to the eye and hair design panels at the start. A right-click functionality was added to go back from most screens (one of my favorite changes this patch).

But the most major change was the redesign of how searching works. As was described in the previous blog post, the old system of waiting for the search to complete was neither fun nor interactive. The new system focuses on a Search Rating which is the sum of the survivors searching abilities matched against the difficulty of the location and environmental hazards (such as rain or night-time). Survivors will have to choose a minimum number of sub-areas in order to complete the search. One or more of these areas may contain a zombie which will immediately begin combat. I find this new system to be much more interactive and gives the player the feeling that their decisions affect the game more. Of course, this mechanic is new and will be further refined to create an even better experience!

Download a1.03 (Dropbox)

Download a1.03 (IndieDB)