Friday Update - a1.04

This week's Friday Build is a little lighter than last week's. Here are some of the changes to expect:

The City Map screen has been slightly reworked to provide more information to the player. Items will now display a tooltip describing what they do when hovered over. Locations will also display how much Health survivors will expend by travelling there (this includes safehouse relocation). The bulk of this week's build was focused here.

Zombies will also fade in when they appear rather than simply pop up. Also, when killed their blood spray will no longer pinwheel away along with the rotating of the body parts.

There were also some minor bug fixes that were taken care of in this update (Game Guide glitched out when I added the Items page, survivors would sometimes have a relationship event with themself, etc). Download and  check it out!

Download a1.04 (Dropbox)

Download a1.04 (IndieDB)