Friday Update (a1.05) - Trader Events

This is another light update that mostly adds 1 new thing: a new safehouse event about a trader. The trader is wandering survivor who will offer an exchange of items similar to the current events that offer supplies for stat upgrades. This new trader will only offer items for items, however, but those include a chance at rare or even superb weapons! Be wary, the trader likes to make a profit so expect to pay some markup if you desperately need something!

Next week I'm hoping to introduce a new distribution of items. Currently there are only 4 unique versions of each weapon (one for each rarity). I'll be testing out a new system where weapons will have a prefix which will modify their stats, thereby increasing the total number by about 8! That's for next week, though. In the mean time, here is alpha version 1.05!

Download a1.05 (Dropbox)