FRIDAY UPDATE (A1.07) - Music Time!

This week's Friday Build introduces a cool new feature that's been sorely missed- a working soundtrack! The music is provided by Kevin MacLeod and will hopefully bring a touch for atmospherics to Survival City. Along with the new music comes the start of the Options page. There you will find volume sliders for both music and sound effects. A "Talkativeness" slider is also there which adjusts how often the survivors will randomly use dialogue.

The last big change comes to locations events. Previously each event had a stat tied to it which would allow a 100% chance of success for the event. For example, the "box of food" event at the Fast Food Spot would present a 3rd option if the survivor's Search stat was 3 or above. If the survivor had 2 Search, however, there was no benefit. Now success works on a curve where even if they don't reach the 100% threshold, having that higher stat will improve their chances! In addition, all success probabilities are now displayed as well!

One of the next steps I'm looking towards is setting up a page for Survival City on From there, I'll be working on having an early access version of the game which will eventually be the full version. A demo will still be posted, as well, for those of you who still haven't tried out the game. For now, this week's demo is available below so check it out!

Download a1.07 (Dropbox)