FRIDAY UPDATE (A1.08) - Stats, Stats and More Stats!

It's been a while since the last Friday Build of Survival City, but this week it returns with a major overhaul! In addition to some minor changes throughout the game, this update brings with it a complete rework of survivor stats.

Since the earliest versions of SC, there have always been 6 main stats: Health, Sanity, Melee, Firearms, Search and Capacity. These six stats governed many of the mechanics and how survivors interacted with them. For example, increasing the Melee stat would affect Melee Accuracy, Melee Critical Chance and even influenced certain location based events which relied on that stat.

Under the new system, there are now 24 different stats divided between 6 main categories: Strength, Survival, Perception, Knowledge, Finesse and Technical! Such skills such as Melee Accuracy still exist, but they are now an individual stat found under the Finesse category. Essentially all previously grouped skills can now be individually upgraded. This includes the opportunity to upgrade stats which were previously hidden such as Run Speed, Condition Guard and Research Rate. The rework also adds stats for increasing the effectiveness of using medical items, crafting better weapons and even base defense repairs.

I'm excited to see how this separation of stats allows for even more unique survivor customization. In addition to these changes, a new mechanic has also been added called "Sneak." When searching locations, if the survivor accidentally discovers a zombie, they will now have a chance to sneak away without being seen. This chance is a flat percentage based on their "Sneaking" stat.

So give this new version of Survival City a playthrough and see what you think of the new stat system!

Download a1.08 (Dropbox)